Safely Enjoy the Beauty of Your Garden


Safely Enjoy the Beauty of Your Garden


Focus on the hands


  • Wear gloves. Even a small cut can turn into a problem when exposed to soil and garden chemicals. Gloves also protect you from insects, snakes, poison ivy and sharp objects.
  • Try not to repeat motions for a long time. Vary yor gardening tasks every 15 minutes with a rest between tasks.
  • Choose hand tools that fit you. Don’t buy tools with molded handles that don’t fit your hand.




Safety tips


  • Buy tools with safety locks.
  • Store garden tools and harmful chemicals in a safe place out of children’s reach. Also store flower bulbs away from children. Small bulbs could pose a choking hazard, and some bulbs are poisonous.
  • Read all instructions before using chemicals or equipment. Check equipment before use and clean often.
  • Do research before planting so you know if plants can be harmful to people or pets.
  • Never wipe your face with your hands while gardening. Even if you do so with gloves on, you could spread germs or end up with poison ivy on your face.
  • Wash your hands well after gardening.
  • Don’t forget back safety. Lift with your legs, not your back. And use a wheel barrow for moving heavy pots or other items.


Gardening is a great way to be active, enjoy the outdoors and even grow your own healthy food. You can burn 150 calories during 30-45 minutes of gardening and it can be

a great stress reliever.


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