30-Day Hydration Challenge

Hydration Challenge

It is important to stay well hydrated, especially in the summer heat. Adequate hydration needs can vary among individuals and a search of the internet will deliver a variety of recommendations. According to the Mayo Clinic, the average healthy adult male should drink 12.4 cups (2.9 liters) of fluids and the average healthy female should drink 9.2 cups (2.2 liters) of fluids per day. Challenge your department to stay properly hydrated with this 30 day hydration challenge toolkit which includes a tracking sheet, email communication template, and informational flyer. For the sake of this challenge, we will aim for 11 cups of fluid per day. The email template can be adapted to include sign-up instructions and an incentive, if you choose to offer one. Incentives don’t have to be costly, and may be as simple as recognition at your regular staff meeting or in a departmental newsletter. 

Remember, water is the best choice when it comes to staying hydrated. It has zero calories and it is inexpensive or even free if you have access to hydration stations! If you don’t enjoy drinking plain water, try adding fruit. You can find recipes here, https://wellnessmama.com/3607/herb-fruit-infused-water/.