AHC Innovators

AHC Innovators

Job Description

What is an AHC Innovator? AHC Innovators enhance living America’s Healthiest Campus® by communicating, engaging, and collaborating within their departments. Encouraging healthy lifestyles while at work - where we spend most of our time - benefits OSU’s employees, students, and communities. Through an innovator network, Innovators provide the tools, resources and peer support necessary to facilitate healthy lifestyle choices with their colleagues.

Who can be an AHC Innovator? Enthusiastic and committed Innovators come from all fitness levels, education levels, and positions.

Your Role as an Innovator


  • Disseminate wellness-related information
  • Share your ideas and successes


  • Encourage participation in wellness initiatives, challenges, programs
  • Support a healthy lifestyle through leadership, enthusiasm and guidance


  • Participate in Innovator Network


  • To Live America’s Healthiest Campus

Time Requirements and Expectations

  • Attend orientation training 
  • The estimated time commitment is 2-3 hours per month (excluding initial orientation, quarterly conference calls, and an annual recognition luncheon).
  • AHC Innovators are expected to commit to a 2-year term of service.


For more information: email kimberly.beard@okstate.edu