House "Nurse of the Day"

State Rep Cory Williams and Suzy Harrington

State Rep. Cory Williams introduces Suzy Harrington, right, to his legislative colleagues when Dr. Harrington served as the “Nurse of the Day” for the Oklahoma House of Representatives recently. Dr. Harrington, of Stillwater, is the Chief Wellness Officer for Oklahoma State University (America’s Healthiest Campus®). In that role, “I strategically coordinate all things wellness for our students, our employees and our community” systemwide, she explained. “We harmonize the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and professional dimensions of wellness.” Dr. Harrington previously served as the health promotions program manager in support of the 74 health and wellness centers that the U.S. Air Force operates around the world. Most recently she served as the American Nursing Association’s Director for Health, Safety, and Wellness supporting America’s 3.4 million Registered Nurses. Dr. Harrington has been a nurse since 1984 and earned her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in healthcare business and management from Rush University in Chicago. (State Capitol Photograph)