Challenge: Acts of Kindness

The holidays are soon approaching. This time of year can become busy and even stressful for some. One great way to boost your mood is to perform random acts kindness. When we do something kind for someone else, dopamine levels in the brain rise causing what is known as a “helper’s high.” Kindness also improves relationships by creating a bond between two people and if the act of kindness is witnessed by others it can become contagious, spreading joy to many.
You are invited to spread joy with us through an Acts of Kindness challenge during the month of November. Simply print the Acts of Kindness calendar and try to complete at least four acts of kindness each week. As you perform acts of kindness, mark them off on your calendar. Of course, you are not limited to ideas listed on the calendar. Feel free to be creative. Share your experiences on our AHC Innovator Facebook page and create a movement of kindness this holiday season.