Challenge Ideas

As Innovators, many of you are creating challenges for employees, and some have expressed interest in developing opportunities for those in your areas. Listed below are a variety of different types of challenges.  Use these ideas, improve upon them, or create your own.  The key is to have fun and help people live happier, healthier, and more energetic lives.  Measurement is often subjective. Try not worry about top scores, focus on rewarding efforts.  

·         A minimum of 7 hours of sleep – get one point every day that you sleep for a minimum of 7 hours

·         Drink 32 oz. of water during the work day to stay hydrated and avoid fatigue – earn one point each work day that you drink 32 oz. of water on the job

·         Do the “Noon Walk” – walk a mile during lunch with coworkers and count the miles.  A Monthly Certificate of Achievement is awarded each month for Gold (30 miles), Silver (20 miles), and Bronze (10 miles) levels of achievement

·         Do resistance or weight training to strengthen muscles – every 30 minutes counts for one point

·         Avoid the elevator – get a point every time that you take the stairs instead of the elevator

·         Eat healthy snacks – get one point each day that you only eat fruits and/or vegetables for snacks

·         Express sincere gratitude to someone – “gratitude is an attitude”.  Foster it by encouraging it.  Earn a point each time you express sincere gratitude to someone – up to 3 points per day.

·         Quiet relaxation or reflection – 10 minutes of quiet time each day earns a Challenge point

·         Spend time outdoors “smelling the roses” – Spend 15 minutes outside observing nature and life around you.  Earn one point each day you do this

·         Lose weight – the most pounds, or the highest percentage, lost wins the Challenge

·         Lose inches off waist – the most inches, or the highest percentage, lost wins the Challenge