Counseling & Therapy, Demystified

Counseling & Therapy, Demystified

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September 27 at 1:00- 2:00 p.m.*


There are many myths about counseling and psychotherapy that ultimately prevent people from  seeking the help that they need. In this session we will explore these myths and demystify the therapy process. We will look at areas where therapy might be beneficial. This session will provide some insight into what happens during a therapy session and what one can expect when seeking services. We will  give an overview of different therapeutic approaches and discuss appropriate levels of care to address certain concerns. 


In this workshop, you will: 

• Explore the myths associated with counseling 

• Examine who may benefit from counseling 

• Review what to expect when one chooses counseling 

• Learn about different modalities/approaches used in therapy 

• Discuss appropriate levels of care


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