December Challenge Resources

Challenge Opportunities/Resources

Well onTarget® Step Challenge

Well onTarget® is sponsoring a challenge during December called Steps.  Eligible Blue Cross Blue Shield members can enroll from December 1-December 7 for the challenge. Steps is designed to help participants increase and track their steps taken each day. The challenge recommends participants aim for 10,0000 steps per day. To sign up, or for more information, log onto  Next, click on the Menu button and then Challenges. 

Jump Start the Season with a Reason

The Thrive toolkit this month is titled Jump Start the Season with a Reason.  It is designed to help enhance well-being over the next few months and focuses on six pillars of wellness.  Although, the toolkit was not available for our previous newsletter, the information is applicable for November and December.  The toolkit can be found at A few ways to use this tookit could include:

  • Send the content associated with each pillar to employees in your departments/offices once each week
  • Print and post each pillar in a common or high traffic area, such as a breakroom or common area