Don't Cut Corners Mowing

Know the hazards before tackling the lawn


Safety should always be top of mind when working in your yard or garden. Consider these tips before mowing the lawn:

  • Read the owner’s guide before using your mower.
  • Wear safety goggles, long pants and well-made shoes or boots. Don’t wear jewelry.
  • Do not take safety switches or guards off the mower.
  • Never put hands or feet into the mower to take out grass or other debris. Instead, use a stick or broom handle.
  • Remove spark plugs when mowers are being worked on to keep the mower from starting on its own.
  • Cut the grass only when it’s dry, never when wet.
  • Do not drink alcohol before or during mowing.
  • After putting gas in a mower or other lawn equipment, move at least 25 feet from where you put the fuel in.
  • Never put gas into a hot lawnmower. Let the engine cool first.
  • Before mowing, walk around the yard to check for objects that could be thrown by the mower.


Keep kids safe around riding lawnmower

Each year about 230,000 people go to the emergency room with injuries from lawn and garden tools. And more than 74,000 of those are hurt by lawn mowers. More than 800 children a year are run over or backed over by riding lawnmowers

To help keep your child safe outdoors, consider these tips:

  • Don’t let children in the yard when you’re mowing.
  • Don’t let children operate the mower.
  • Children should not ride on the mower with you, no matter how fun it may seem.
  •  Be very careful when backing up or going around corners, bushes or trees.
  • To keep children from getting burned, don’t let them near a running or recently running engine.


All outdoor power tools can be a danger to children. To help keep your kids safe, keep tools, including garden tools, out of reach. Add to that list: chemicals, household products and pesticides.

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