Eat Right For Life Challenge

March is National Nutrition Month, therefore, we are sharing a 10 week Eat Right for Life Challenge. The majority of illnesses and chronic diseases currently so prevalent in the United States are largely preventable, and in some cases, reversible, simply by eating the right foods. The Eat Right for Life Challenge is designed to inspire participants to focus on five basic tenets for making healthy food choices.  The primary focal areas of the challenge include carbohydrates, oils, fruits and veggies, proteins and beverages. Participants are challenged to engage in healthy habits that will promote a lifetime of better health. Print ready resources for you to plan a challenge in your department, or to develop a multi-department challenge, can be found below.


Eat Right for Life Registration

Eat Right for Life Brain Bender

Eat Right for Life Drink Facts

Eat Right for Life Food 

Eat Right for Life Participant Packet