HealthTrails™ Challenge

The HealthTrails™ Challenge is available through Well onTarget®. It draws on the excitement of seeing and learning about new places and people by tracing famous trails around the world. As you log your activity and move along the trail, you’ll see vivid images and descriptions of the location as if you are actually there.

Log on to Well onTarget® and choose Challenges to join HealthTrails™. After joining, members can set a goal, select a trail, and begin tracking progress. The next logging period is August 27th – September 16th. The goal of this period is to give members time to become familiar with the program and prepare for the team challenge held September 17th - October 28th. Members can join an existing team, form their own team of 4-5 people, or work on their own. Registration for the next challenge begins September 10th and closes September 24th. During the challenge, members will log steps and vegetable servings.