Labyrinth at the Garden

The labyrinth is located at The Botanic Garden at OSU. Unlike the labyrinth on campus, The Labyrinth at the Garden consists of more natural materials and surroundings. The path is marked by mowed grass and surrounding trees create a secluded area for students and members of the community to find peace.

The labyrinth was based on a Classical Seven-Circuit labyrinth. It is 40 ft in diameter and located around the center of The Botanic Garden. The natual elements that surround the labyrinth provides a naturally healing eviornment.

Science has proven that some forms of meditative movement can help reduce stress as well as provide health benefits to the individual. For this reason, Activey Moving Forward, a campus organization, plans to use the labyrinth to help people through the grieving process. For more information about the Labyrinth at the Garden contact Sara Hills at

Labyrinth on Campus