Labyrinth at Oklahoma State University

OSU's walking labyrinth is located between Morrill Hall and Bartlett Center. It consists of 12 benches, or stations, where students can study and rest. Each station is marked with roman numerals that can be followed to the end of the labyrinth. The design was created based on Fibonacci's spiral and the idea of three-sided philosophy, a philosophy that incorporates mind, body, and spirit. There is no wrong way to use the labyrinth however, most people use walking labyrinths in order to meditate or relieve stress. Students are encouraged to use the space as a walking meditation or as a peaceful escape from busy campus life.

Wild Horse Stone was used to create the circular path of the labyrinth. A trellis, framework for plants, can be seen in the center of the path. Eventually, vines will grow around the structure to provide shade for the area.

"We wanted to provide a space that is restful for people," David Brown, OSU Landscape Design Supervisor, said. "Where people can stop, take a breath and use the labyrinth as a walking meditation to relieve stress."

Labyrinth on Campus