Managing Your Emotions in the Workplace

Managing Your Emotions in the Workplace
GuidanceResources® Monthly Webinar Series
Everyone experiences emotions at work. We get frustrated with supervisors giving more work when they don’t understand how much work we already have. We get upset with coworkers who don’t do their jobs, preventing us from doing ours. We get angry with irate employees or students who don’t realize we are only trying to help. We worry about many different factors of our jobs. But with all these emotions, some people don’t believe they have anything to do with how they are feeling. They believe their emotion are a result of an external cause. That just isn’t true. This webinar addresses this issue, as well as many other factors related to emotion.  The webinar is free of charge, and employees can register at the below link.
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Managing Your Emotions In The Workplace
Monday, March 27th2017
1 – 2 pm CT