Men's Health Month - June

June is National Men’s Health Month, and it is also the month in which Father’s Day falls. Whether you, or someone you care about, is a biological father, adoptive father, foster father, or a father like mentor to another person, your health is important.  Now is a good time to consider adopting a healthier lifestyle which includes getting good sleep, quitting the use of tobacco products, moving more, eating healthy, controlling stress, and the focus of this article, engaging in preventative exams.  The leading causes of death among males may be preventable if early detection occurs.  An example of a preventative exam that can save lives is blood pressure.  It is recommended that adult males age 40+ engage in a blood pressure screening every year. In addition, starting at age 50 it is recommended that males be tested for colorectal cancer.   These are just two example of exams that could save a life.  According to the Office of the Associate Director for Policy – Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control, “if everyone in the US received recommended clinical preventive care we could save over 1000,000 lives each year.”  Encourage those you care about to engage in preventative exams.  Every life matters.

For a complete list of preventative exams that can be printed and shared with others is available in the June Thrive well-being toolkit.