Naturally Slim Success

Becky Fox, OSU-IT  – My Experience with the Naturally Slim Program

When our HR department offered the Naturally Slim program, I wasn’t very enthused about it. Being almost 69 years old, overweight (159 pounds), feeling tired, I assumed there was no way to lose this weight. I had been eating slim-fast every week day for lunch, just fruit and oatmeal for breakfast, then a “normal” dinner, (and who knows what else!) and just kept gaining weight or at the least not losing anything but a pound or two every once in a while.

I had tried the Diet Center back before it was known they were providing a drug that could lead to heart disease. Yes, I lost 15 pounds – quickly- but I thought about food practically every minute. And I was hungry all the time. And I tried Nutrisystem. Again, I lost 10 pounds but the food was strange or I had to measure, etc. But no more than 10 pounds would come off. And when the food ran out? Yep, we were back where we had been before. Same mindset, same food, etc. Then I tried Weightwatchers. Again, had to count, measure, and think about food all the time. It was a pain in a busy lifestyle. So when NS came around, I thought it would be the same ol, same ol, but I figured what would it hurt. (Having the caveat of following the program after signing up or paying the entire bill myself was a good push after I started as well!)

I only put 10 pounds as my 10-week goal since that was the usual amount I would lose. But following this non-diet that stresses it’s not what you eat but when and how you eat blew that goal out of the water. I lost those 10 pounds in a little over 2 weeks!! I had to go back and change it to 20 pounds. And I ate whatever I wanted! Just not as much but I was not hungry because I ate slowly and let my brain catch up to my stomach filling up. In fact, I had to wait an enormous amount of time to be hungry enough to eat – that’s the point. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you are comfortable. And be aware of all the sugars in the fruit you eat as well as the other sugar-laden goodies. You can eat them but just eat them with meals to balance out the sugar.

I have so many leftovers now, I hardly cook all week! Plus I bring leftovers for lunch to work. Being aware of the actual size of my stomach and not over stuffing it dictates a lot less food to eat. My husband started practicing portion control after watching me and he is losing weight although he doesn’t follow the program.

This program is the only one that make sense. If you are on a program that requires you to eat their food, how do you learn how to eat properly when you stop eating their food? What if you don’t care for their food selections? On NS, you eat your favorites, just a lot less of them and still are satisfied. NS fits into any lifestyle if you want it to. Plus you get so much support from the program itself and others if you want it. I had questions right off which were answered in the forum, NSTown. Plus you could read others questions or success stories and be inspired. And you are able to learn about what triggers your emotional eating and how to cope with that.

I am currently working on my second 20 pounds. I have had some emotional eating issues and gained a pound here and there but with this program, you just return to the principles and take any weight right off again. I do weigh every day and keep a food diary daily. It has been a joy to get back into my clothes and look forward to having to buy new clothes when these clothes are just way too big!

So, thank you, Human Resources at OSU-SW and OSUIT. You have changed my life. I may get older but I will be skinnier – on my terms!