Certified Healthy Department Application

OSU is now America's Healthiest Campus® and the President and I could not be more proud.  The effort put forth not only by employees, but also by entire departments, has made a positive impact across all areas and populations of campus.  With the assistance of our Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Suzy Harrington, we look forward to making an even greater impact on the wellness of our entire Cowboy family.

In 2010, OSU created the Certified Healthy Department program, the first of its kind in a university setting.  Other universities have since implemented similar programs, which is a testament to our vision of creating a culture of wellness.  We continue to lead the "wellness way" and we invite your department to participate.  To be considered, simply fill out the application below. 

This is your chance to be recognized as a partner in wellness and to let others know you are doing your part to live as America's Healthiest Campus®.

In Health,

Ann Hargis

OSU’s “First Cowgirl”

While striving to be America’s Healthiest Campus® (AHC), OSU has been recognizing departments that demonstrate excellence in wellness and certifying healthy departments since 2011, with nine certified healthy departments. Last year, county extension service offices participated, bringing the total to 65.

This year, as we LIVE America’s Healthiest Campus®, all departments within the OSU family are encouraged to celebrate their successes as healthy departments and become certified. Wellness is beyond what we do, but who we are. It is the harmony of our physical, emotional, social, professional and spiritual health. To demonstrate this, this fifth year, the criteria have been slightly updated, to align with other national scorecards. Also, this year, we are asking for manager’s review and signature, to respect the importance of leadership support in a true culture of wellness.

Next year, the intent is that this application will be updated again to include wellness related outcomes, and student groups will be invited to participate. As we are constantly striving to improve, email ChiefWellnessOfficer@okstate.edu with your future CHD application suggestions and ideas.

Also this year is the beginning of the AHC Innovator program – a departmental wellness champion to help infuse wellness into every part of our OSU family, with the hope creating a groundswell of fun holistic wellness throughout. If your department is interested, the next cohort of innovator training will be April 30 in Tulsa. Go to www.AmericasHealthiestCampus.com  for more information.

Thanks again for all you do!

Have a happy and healthy day!

Suzy Harrington, DNP, RN, MCHES

Chief Wellness Office

Applications are due March 13, 2015. Certified Healthy Departments will be announced on March 23, 2015. 

For questions about completing this application, please contact ChiefWellnessOfficer@okstate.edu.