October 2016 Challenge

Well onTarget® is sponsoring a challenge during November called Meaningful Connections.  Eligible Blue Cross Blue Shield members can enroll from November 1-November 7 for the challenge. Meaningful Connections is designed to help participants focus on engagement in their personal and professional lives.  To sign up, or for more information, log onto www.wellontarget.com.  Next, click on the Menu button and then Challenges. 

Innovator Activity Challenge Ideas

Based on feedback from Innovators, this month we are sharing ideas for challenges that can be adapted to a department or area based on available resources, and office culture and needs.  The focus of the challenges for November is physical activity.  The suggestions below can be used stand alone or by combining multiple ideas.

  • Participate in “Mile-Per-Day” program – choose from two dozen different aerobic activities each day and complete the minimum minutes to equal one mile.  Conversion calculators can be found on various sites such as verywell.com
  •   Walk or bike to work – count each trip to and from or count the miles
  • Do a noon walk – walk a mile during lunch with coworkers and count the miles over a period of days 
  • Exercise for 30 minutes – every 30 minutes counts for one point
  • Do resistance or weight training to strengthen muscles – every 30 minutes counts for one point
  • Compete in a community event such as a walk or a race – participation and completion wins the challenge
  • Stair climbing competition – count the stairs climbed everyday toward achieving an established goal for total stairs climbed over a given time period
  • Avoid the elevator – get a point every time that a person takes the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Stretching – earn one point each day when you spend 15 minutes stretching