Office Safety is Everyone's Business

Although our office spaces at Oklahoma State University are generally considered to be safe, there can be dangers lurking if a few simple precautions aren’t taken. The following simple guidelines will help you, and your co-workers keep your office safe.


·         Ensure all dangling telephone or electrical cords are housed in protectors.

·         Clean up any spills as they occur.

·         Keep all walkways and hallways clear.

·         Be aware of any loose carpets, tiles or other flooring.

·         Never stand on a desk or chair.

Fire Hazards

·         Ensure that multi-plug extension leads have circuit breakers.

·         Never overload electrical sockets.

·         Ensure you switch off and unplug electrical equipment when not in use.

·         Know the location of the fire extinguisher.

·         Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes.

Office Equipment

·         Ensure all filing cabinets are secured to each other or the wall, or both.

·         Avoid top loading file cabinets.

·         Always use the handle to close a cabinet drawer.

·         Keep sharp items in a separate container as opposed to a desk drawer.

Spending a few minutes considering the above guidelines can minimize your risk for preventable injury in the workplace.  Additional information in regards to office safety, as well as safety training, handouts and fact sheets, can be accessed on the Environmental Health and Safety website