Saving Your Sight Indoors and Out

Look in your own back yard for eye-safety hazards

Home sweet home has many dangers that can hurt your eyes. In fact, household items cause 125,000 eye injuries each year. Nearly 90 percent could be avoided with proper safety measures and protection for the eyes. Here are a few tips to protect your eyes:

•                     Make sure stairs have railings and are well-lit.

•                     Remove debris before mowing the lawn. Wear safety goggles when mowing.

•                     Keep paints, pesticides, fertilizers and like products in a safe place.

•                     Wear chemical goggles to guard against harmful products.

•                     Do not mix cleaning agents.

•                     Wear safety glasses or dust goggles to protect against flying debris when doing work around your home or yard.

•                     Read and follow all guidelines and warnings given by the makers of tools and equipment. Replace or fix broken tools.

•                     Normal eyeglasses will not always protect your eyes. Use protective eyewear when playing sports, such as racquetball, where there is a greater chance of eye injury.

In the case of a chemical burn to the eye, you should flush the eye right away with water. Keep the eye open as wide as you can while flushing. Rinse for at least 15 minutes and seek medical care at once. Do not cover the eye.


Sources: Prevent Blindness America; National Institutes of Health