When it comes to your body, your mind matters


Many people in the U.S. are discovering the link between good mental and physical health. It’s often called the mind-body connection since your body reacts to the way you think, feel and act. And your emotional health benefits when you take care of your body.

Want to help your mental and physical health? Try these ideas:

•           Express your feelings in the right ways rather than keeping them inside.

•           Live a balanced life by reducing things that cause you stress and adding fun things.

•           Build strength to cope with stress in a healthy way.

•           Calm your mind and body using deep breathing or meditation.

•           Eat healthy meals, get plenty of sleep and work out regularly.

•           Avoid overeating and don’t misuse drugs or alcohol.

When you follow these tips, you will get the best of both worlds – a healthier mind and body.


Sources: American Academy of Family Physicians; American Psychological Association