Your role as an Innovator

Many of you are asked on a frequent basis what it means to be an Innovator. Therefore, we thought it might be beneficial to remind everyone what your role is as an Innovator in order to help you articulate a thorough answer.  As an AHC Innovator, your charge is to relay information, provide encouragement, and enhance wellness among your co-workers, family and friends in a fun and positive spirit.  More specifically to:


✦ Disseminate health and well-being information

✦ Share ideas and successes (your own or those ideas and success of members of your


✦ Stay current on health information provided in monthly web conferences and the AHC

     Innovator newsletter



✦ Participate in the Innovator network such as the Innovator Facebook

    page, Instagram, and Twitter feed.  



✦ Encourage participation in wellness initiatives, challenges and programs

✦ Organize and facilitate department challenges

✦ Support a healthy lifestyle through leadership, enthusiasm and guidance



✦ To Live America’s Healthiest Campus®